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Default Re: 52 v8 flathead heater

Al Hook, thanks! The shop manual says there is a vacuum thermostat valve in the heater plenum as well as the heater control valve in the engine compartment. Merc Cruzer, my heater control valve is attached to the right inner fender. On the right head, there is a 45 degree elbow to which the 5/8 hose is connected.
This hose feeds to the heater control valve and from there to the heater core. Could this vac thermostat valve in the plenum be faulty? Could it affect the flow? Also, the blower does work but getting only cold air. Right now, thanks to you guys, the problem appears to be a plugged heater core. However, I'm still concerned about that vacuum thermostat valve in the plenum? But I think the consensus is that it should not have a bearing on the circulation?
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