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Default Re: Ebay sales tax in place

. I pay income taxes on eBay sales every year and can understand why, however I am a business not a individual. eBay in my opinion is not after us guys selling car parts, they are after the guys selling new TV’s, floor mats, and everything else under the sun that had previously been doing so tax free.

It would be unfair to most for a person like me whom at one time made my full living through eBay tax free. That time did exist and it was unfair, thus I don’t complain about currently having to pay a income tax.

I can see the side of the argument that when selling a used product you shouldn’t be taxed again on it, however used cars are taxed as is anything at a pawn shop if you live anywhere with a state sales tax.

As for where the taxes collected gets spent as asked above, that topic would become WAY too political to get into on here in my opinion.
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