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Default Re: 8BA Valve length

Originally Posted by GOSFAST View Post
Hi Kev, you may want to figure out what you'll be doing for your installed spring hgts while your mocking that up??

Hi Gary. That's what I was trying to work out when I came across the issue.
I'm going to drop Manley Valves an email to see how much for custom valves at the length I require with the collet (lock) ring groove set at the height I need to get my 2" installed height.
Hi Kev, A few years back I fabricated some valve guides that are able to carry up to 5 .060" shims under the springs, the springs sit on "locators" and the shims "stack" between them and the guide, this allows for up to a .300" adjustment on the overall spring hgts. The intakes are machined for the "Viton" stem seals, the 8 seals come in the pkge! (Photos below)

These will most definitely solve your spring problem but they aren't inexpensive. The guides also have the bronze liners already installed.

I have a few shots of them below here.

On a side note if you decide on custom valves I would strongly suggest speaking with the guys at Ferrea (located here in Florida) instead of Manley. Ferrea's are all we use here, much better quality than just about any other valve mfr including Manley's!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. This guide setup will allow you to use your existing valves, plus you'll end up with the bronze liners and stem seals. We use these lined guides on every build we do. I would have to give you the cost later today, the pricing is at the shop. I also need to make certain I have a set in stock?
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