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Default Re: How Far In One Day?

Originally Posted by barnstuf View Post
My longest is 640 miles in one day and a story goes with it. From an ad in the MARC club newsletter back in 1954 I bought a 1929 Phaeton in Luray, Virginia. My wife and I traveled there by train to Washington DC and then bus to Luray. We arrived there late afternoon December 31st, met the Phaeton's owner, completed the paper work and by then it was too late in the day to start home so we adjourned to a motel. We were up the next morning, New Years day, and left around 7 AM for a planned two day trip home. We drove through a very quiet New Years Day morning in Washington DC and reached a gas station on the southern end of the New Jersey Turnpike around noon. We chatted with the attendant who told us a major blizzard was coming up the coast.. We continued travel on the New Jersey Turnpike and shortly before reaching New York we again gassed up. The attendant there at the gas pumps said it was snowing hard in Washington DC. It was getting chilly too, around 25 degrees and we had no heater or side curtains, but we decided to keep going. It was before the days of any turnpike through Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Had a late supper in Willimantic CT and headed for Providence RI. Drove through around midnight and at a bank we passed we saw a lighted thermometer showing 10 degrees, but still no snow catching us. We live on the outer end of Cape Cod just a bit over 100 miles from Providence. We got home about 3 AM. Zero car trouble, the car ran smoothly at 43 mph so I drove that speed steadily. Temperature when we arrived home zero degrees. We had put on all the clothes we had with us and were still frozen. My speedometer showed mileage 640 miles for the trip, and as my wife did not drive I drove continuously. It began to snow hard just after we got home. I was younger then, 65 years ago. I still have the Phaeton.
I would love to see a current picture of you and your car. This is a great story. You could make a movie out of it. Enjoy.
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