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Default Dealing with pitted body panels?

For all the fancy title and labeling this stuff is spray on body filler.HVLP gun turned up to 40lbs.gun wide open,if you run a 1.8 tip cut it a bit with laquer thinner,it gives better control and less stacking.Mix according to directions and shoot it when its cool,I shot it yesterday in 95 degree heat and it started setting up in the gun.But not before it did some magic,two or three light passes over the rust pits,let it set,cut with 180 grit and done,way less work than glazing putty..way faster cuts with 180 nice,no paper clogging,it also finishes like a guide coat,you can 'read' it as you takes alot of product as opposed to paint,to level a coupe body it would take a whole gallon to cover.I masked off the areas that were good and just worked the rough spots..
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