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Default Re: Splitting a wishbone

I usually cut it thru the weld, bevel the cut edge, drill a 3/8" hole thru the 'bone sideways. I don't worry about a tight fit; but more about alignment. I clamp the 'bone with the yoke vertical along with the bung and rod end to my bench. I have a straight line scribed on my welding bench (a strip of tape will do) to line the assy up looking down on it, next I shim it so it is straight in a side view. Tack weld securely, unclamp it remove the rod end, complete the external weld and then weld thru the 3/8" holes (the bungs are not threaded all the way thru so this doesn't shrink the threads).

Nothing looks worse than split bones with the ends welded in crooked.
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