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Default Re: Clutch replacement costs...

Most vintage automobile repair shops will NOT give an estimate simply because of the unknowns. Not the unknown of how to do the job, but the unknowns of what has been 'MacGuyvered' during a previous restoration. It is very believable to have two mechanics take 3-4 hours each to have the rear end out, transmission on the ground, and the clutch & flywheel ready to restore. Add in an hour or so for machining flywheel and inspecting other items. Now you have assembly time, adjusting time, and test drive time. So you are 15-20 hours possible, ...times the hourly shop rate. Shops in the New England area will have a higher flat-rate over a shop in the Midwest.

Something that many never factor in is that it is grossly different when you are working on your own car vs. working on someone else's vehicle. There are risks and shortcuts taken on your own car that a professional cannot take. Items such as covering seats, painted surfaces, and other undercarriage protection to keep from causing chips or damage. Also, folks must realize that the mechanic is always one broken bolt away from a potential 3 hour set-back.

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