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Default Re: Frame serial number to obtain a title?

I live in NJ and here is what I know.

So NJ has a 12 point plan to get a title. In fact they will mail you a package with the following (more or less) instructions.

It starts with paying the surrounding 5 states for title search on the number. Then you pay for an application process. Pay to put an ad in a major newspaper for a few weeks. Pay to get a bond.

This applies to anything titled including boats.

I estimated the costs to be about $800.

I bought my fordor from VT. You mail in a bill of sale and a few weeks later you get a registration and a plate.
You take the registration and plates to the MVC and in my case the lady at the counter said I was wrong but the lady in the back told her to go to the master book. They have a master book with examples of all the titles and such. Then she came back took the plates and paper work and a bit later I had a title and a registration.
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