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You emphasize RELIABILITY.
complete 12 volt conversion, No reliability gain, some convenience due to commonness of 12V neg gnd
generator to alternator no reliability gain, does give you some higher current light bulb options
electronic distributor No reliability gain, less repairable on the roadside, upside is no point adjustment or cleaning necessary, more gain towards convenience
diode version cut out (positive or negative ground, depending on conversion)No gain in reliability over stock original, if you have a repro, then yes a diode adds reliability
electronic voltage regular cutout, 6 volt positive groundpossible reliability gain due to longer battery life due to proper charging, possible reliability loss if you try jumping the car, it can destroy a voltage regulator
conversion of 2 blade fanaluminum 2 blade fan is definitely an improvement in reliability over a stock original that is likely rusted on the inside and could lose a blade unexpectedly
temp gauge Not really a reliability gain but will allow you to keep better track of the engine cooling system so if problems develop you can detect the problem and address it before you are sitting roadside with Old Faithful spewing coolant all over
oil press gauge Can't really see much advantage at all as standard oil pressure on an A is pretty close to none
oil filter Convenience mainly, won't have to change oil as often
air filterif you travel gravel/dirt roads much it could be a significant reliability gain in the form of less oil changes and longer engine life
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