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Originally Posted by Dodge View Post
Hi Jeff and welcome. My Dad used to live in Sewall’s Point right next door to you, and owned a 1912 Touring. He passed away at the age of 95 a couple of years ago.
The car went to some one local but I don’t remember his name.
There was an annual car show in down town Stuart every year and the car has been there,
I think the show was in October so look out for it.
My Dad was very involved in the local Antiaue Autombile Club there.



Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry for the loss of your father, I just recently lost my dad and I'm somewhat lost in the home machine shop without him, especially on some set-ups of items. We are keeping everything going on the antique steam, gas, diesel and tractor end of items, but I have no one to turn to on some set-ups on some items in the shop and look to you-tube. I recently purchased my neighbor's T that I grew up with next door and am looking for local help to make a few adjustments on some items on the car. Dad was a walking encyclopedia on anything mechanical and had a lifetime of knowledge and really taught my sons and me how to restore items, but I could just use a little help on this car and hope to find someone locally to help us.
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