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Default Re: Clutch replacement costs...

Originally Posted by Forddan View Post
Looks like the clutch is almost at the end of the adjustment, so I was told that in the near future I will have to replace it. The person who tested it said that I have to push all the pedal to the bottom to avoid having some issues when i go from 1st to 2nd. Pins were worn and replaced. Gears looked fine. No need to change them. From time to time my shift from 1st to 2nd is difficult. A few times I had to stop the car and start again.

I hope this answer your request.

The condition you describe is "too much pedal free travel". What is happening is the clutch is not completely disengaged while you are trying to shift. Recommend you do some homework and then confirm there is no more adjustment left before resorting to a clutch change. Very easy to check once you know what to look for. Good Luck.

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