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Default Re: Ebay sales tax in place

Maybe something to do with the Netherlands tax code. Is the Netherlands in the EU? Lot of European countries had a Value Added Tax - not sure how the EU laws changed that.

Originally Posted by 34 GAZ View Post
I had,nt sold anything on Ebay for quite a while until about 2 months ago. Then on a whim i posted a nice 1934 style Citroen grille on Ebay U.S.A. End price was much higher than i would ever get here but i was hit for about $55 sales tax. ( did ebay scam me ) Did,nt know that the buyer would also get hit. Anyway i still came out ahead but it sure is a bad taste in the mouth. BTW i don,t buy any parts on Ebay if the seller uses the Pittney Bowes global shipping scheme. Thats a money trap for overseas buyers as well.
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