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Post Re: y-block blow by..

Originally Posted by reddog565 View Post

hi guys! I need your thoughts? I have a 272 (1956).
that I rebuilt less than a year ago. I'm running "trips".
the problem I'm having is, I'm getting a lot of blow by
from the oil filler tube! I know the engine is mechanically
healthy, as I rebuilt it.

I have a pcv installed in the topof the block. (not the valley pan). the road draft tube has been eliminated.(blocked off). I understand, the

oil filler tube also acts as a fresh air intake. but, something I'm not doing right, because there is too much blow by thru the filler tube, thus fumes are getting into car..

I know all you guys are extremely sharp! so, I'm sure
someone has a fix.

Can you show a photo of the PCV SYSTEM install?

If she is pumping fumes out of the filler cap, it is either non-functional and/or has extreme blow-by.

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