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Default Re: Yes, they are still out there NUMBER 2

Vic, I am going to remove my Steel Fan from motor and purchase a "pull through" type electric fan. I was coming home several days ago in the day time and got caught on a local bridge that is now under construction/repair and traffic lights now installed. ( one lane ) I had to wait for about 15 min. while moving up slowly for the light to let traffic go both ways. The car has a temp. gauge installed in the drivers side head. ( 40 cast iron ) The temp on the head read about 220 before I got to clean air/ moving again. Driving it dropped to 190 quickly and on to the house about 180. ( outside air temp 90 ) But if I stop for any amount of time it will heat quickly. I had radiator cleaned/tested, new rebuild pumps by "skip" water is clear. Last night driving home at 9:30PM cool air ran at 160 at about 60 MPH. Do not know if it is just the place that temp is being taken, I am going to add a temp expansion tank to car for the water, always looses water after I stop. ( turn off engine and park ) Your thoughts??????
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