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Default Non-Authentic Paint Colors & Schemes

More and more I notice that Model "A's" are being painted in non-authentic colors and schemes. Perhaps I am more sensitive to this because I painted my Victoria in colors of my liking, not Henry Ford's.
As for paint scheme variations, I notice window reveals painted lower body color on cars that did not come from the factory that way. I also notice the top of hoods being painted upper body color, a treatment I like a lot. Perhaps the most extreme case is painting the fenders and aprons body color.

Considering barn finds, it is rare that a Model "A" is found with its original exterior colors, so the practice of repainting with non-authentic colors and schemes goes way back.

I am positive regarding deviating from Ford's factory colors and schemes. However, I am negative about using metallics and clear coats. What is your opinion?
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