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Default Generator Brush Adjustment

Good morning,

From the description in the Les Andrews book, I believe I have a 30/31 generator (photo of end plate w/brushes attached).

Was driving one day and noticed my ammeter was registering 0 amps. I've done most of the work on my '29 CCPU, but I was intimidated by the thought of taking the generator apart to see if there was an obvious reason for the 0 amp reading. I followed the instructions in the book and my fears were gone (not as complicated as I thought).

The problem was one of the brush screws came out and the wire was disconnected. I easily re-connected the brush & wire and started it right up, but now the ammeter is reading 20 amps wth RPMS increased (all lights off).

Question: Which is the 3rd brush? Is it adjustable? If so, how?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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