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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Today was the day to rebuild the ’39 Zephyr transmission. All the necessary parts had arrived (thanks to Mac Van Pelt),

Mike and Cliff got to my house just around 11:00am, I had been degreasing the undercarriage of the Zephyr and I was glad to come out from under it to help with the transmission. Here are a few photos of the assembly.

Apparently, no one makes a gasket for the shift cover on the ’38 & “39 Zephyr so we made our own out of a file folder…

It was getting close to 3:00pm and both Mike and Cliff had other commitments so, we went without Pizza… I was hoping to have the Zephyr back on the road in time for the “Barner’s Bash” but I won’t have time to play in the garage over the next few weekends, maybe at tech session on Sunday, March 18th before the BBQ…
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