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Default Re: Generator output

16 -18 amps is too much. As stated above clean your battery connections both at the battery posts and at the other end of the battery cables.

Then adjust the 3rd brush if you have a generator. In winter is usually 10 - 12 amps if you are driving a lot at night, or in the winter if you are doing short hops. Charging is set higher at 10-12 so the battery can recover from winter hard starts and use of the headlights.

Summer is 6- 8 amps. Easier starting, less Headlight use.

If charging is set too high it can boil your battery electrolyte. If the electrolyte falls below the top of the plates teh battery will soon go bad. Overcharging also overheats the battery which in itself is also hard on a battery.

All this can change if you additionally have accessories that draw more current like halogen headlight, air conditioning, and/or a few extra lamps like cowl lights, running lights, etc.
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