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Default Re: 1932 Firewall Blueprints

Not likely as the entire system was/is based on part numbers under a marvelously simple part numbering system created in 1928 that is still in use today. The microfilm files are in part number order.

While an active employee of Ford back in the day, I ordered dozens of original drawings printed off the microfilm files. The only date on the order form was the date of the order. B-prefix part number drawings such as that in question were created starting in 1931 (initially using the prefix '10'), then tapering off throughout the 1932 model year. As mentioned above, all of those drawings eventually marked as obsolete and with then-current date. In some cases, that was as soon as late 1932 or early 1933. An example of that would be the front axle when a new drawing was made because of the degree of change for the '33 version (it still carried a B prefix because it was functionally equal to the '32 version). That occurred again in late '33 with a new drawing for the '34 front axle version, but still with the B part number prefix and so on and so on. The same applies sequentially to 18, 40, 48, etc.-prefix component drawings as well.

If all the drawings of the front axle were committed to microfilm (most are, but not all from what I have found) they would all show up when someone ordered a copy of a B-3010 front axle drawing. At that point, the recipient could refer to the dates on the three drawings to get a general idea of when they went into production.

For more exact dating, one would have to delve into the engineering release forms which also exist on microfilm at the BFRC.
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