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Default Re: 1932 Firewall Blueprints

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post
That's pretty well covered at the bottom of the page. You'll need the part number, which is B-35328-B or if you want all versions, just use B-35328. In your communication with the BFRC do not confuse the issue by continuing to use the term "firewall" as that was not in Ford's vocabulary at that time. The part name they used was "dash".

You may ending up needing Staples or the like as the drawing may be full size and very likely no less than 1/2 size. I do not believe that the BFRC has the capability to produce a paper copy of that size.

Yes, it's covered well except that part where you came up with the part #. Where did you come up with it? There are many more drawings that I would like. I have lofted the fenders, it is a method of creation that enables a modeler to make fantastic shapes by flowing across a series of individually drawn lines. This is commonly used in the creation of ship and boat hulls by lofting the hull lines, which is something I have done a lot of. The fenders, especially the front fenders, are a symphony of shape and I'm hoping to get some cross sections to make them perfect.. The other hot item is the radiator shroud. Because of the tight corners at top and bottom it is not a great candidate for a loft, so I have swept the shape along two rails and I like how it has turned out but again, I would like cross sections for perfection..
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