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Default Re: Epping NH New England Dragway Auto Swap Meet

A couple of guys in an A just left here that came from the dragway.No A stuff this time around.Amherst was the same way when Fitchburg ran on the same day.Cold with threats of rain keep people away too.I did think about setting up there today,but felt the cold would keep folks at home.While a lot of us like the swap meet experience,I think we've turned into an internet buying world.Stay warm and dry,and buy what you want by pushing buttons.The A stuff at Amherst started getting thin in the late 90's.If you hadn't gone there in the 70's and 80's it seemed like a lot of stuff,but it had really slowed down by the mid-late 90's.I'm a couple of miles from the dragway and haven't even been bothering to go.I just don't need anything anymore.I sold my roadster,want to sell my Tudor,and I have to decide if I want to sell my 31 pickup in a basket or do it up and sell it.I just don't need to have five A's on the road.I probably should have driven my Tudor over there and put a sign on it.The 30 coupe,30 open pickup,and 35 coupe should be more than enough for most anybody.Same thing with parts.Why do I need three BW overdrive setups leaning on the wall? It's just being piggy.
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