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Default Re: Epping NH New England Dragway Auto Swap Meet

Just returned - a little disappointed.

About 8 rows of vendors both sides. Rows are set up North-South rather than the East-West from last year.

Of the goods for sale, about half was "memorabilia" - yunno, the Sinclair Oil sign repops, the "We can do it" roll up the sleeves WWII signs, signs with John Wayne on them. And Elvis painted on black velvet. Also, traffic lights, empty oil cans with now obsolete labels, the "Leg Lamp" from A Christmas Story.

About 1/4 was tools and tooling: pullers and wrenches, and meters and toolboxes. A LOT of powered carpenter tools as the local building boom is winding down (It always seems to be winding down locally?)

The remaining quarter was actual bona-fide car parts. Rubber goods, window crank handles, hood ornaments, some fenders and doors from (to me) unknown 1950s era automobiles. A few differential/drivetrain parts, a couple of clapped out 8 cylinder motors. And a couple of vendors in the "speed shop" modus.

I did see a 1956 Chevrolet Station identical to the one I rode in as a child back in the early 1960s. Needs work (like a complete interior) and $6000. Fun to see even if it didn't have the rear passenger seat with the fold down segment.

I saw ONE left front Model A 1930-31 fender with the tail corroded off it for $20. Would be a good project if one had an original undamaged to work from

I saw TWO Model A Radiator shells: one a much burned out 1928-29 and the other a much dented up 1930 which had been converted into shelf enclosure.

And thats it for Model A parts! Amherst its not - but it wasn't last year either.

There were certainly more shoppers than sellers. But surprisingly little being taken away.

And true to Monto's prediction - water was was a problem for the parking area - not so much the walking but rather the driving. Nobody stuck and spinning - but in certain spots one became aware of the possibility.

I hold hope for the future - I have seen it better - and larger. And being as local as I am its a worthy place - if not preceded by a week of rain.

Perhaps as the summer weather takes hold?

When I called Joe Tambolleo (Tam's) on Friday about whether he would be at Epping, he said he's going to Fitchburg, MA this weekend. Maybe thats where all the Model A stuff went?

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