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Default Re: If Henry was on Twitter would anyone like him?

Originally Posted by mhsprecher View Post
Henry is not on Twitter and I don't like him. I respect him and his accomplishments. The problem with him was that once he was successful, he quit innovating, so much of the respect I have for his accomplishments diminished by the end of his life. He became a hindrance to progress.

You don't have to like and probably can't like innovators, no matter their field. They are executing their vision, not looking for love or even to be liked. I probably wouldn't like Elon Musk if I met him, but you have to respect what he has done. Steve Jobs was a first class a-hole, but he changed the world, too.
I saw something somewhere where Henry may have had atlziemers or vascular dementia - would explain things a little if true.
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