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Thanks, I appreciate you guys who realize that it is fun to make something by yourself and have the only one that is exactly like it in the world.

The aluminum I used is 3/8” thick, and I cut it from a big piece using an angle grinder. Then, I used my table grinder to smooth all the edges. I put the tool in a vice and drilled the hole so the cam would fit in it fairly tight but would not bind. Then, I took a small thin tipped punch that had been sharpened to a point and punched two holes on each side of where the slot was on the cam. I did this on both sides of the tool. The punch actually stuck in the aluminum and penetrated almost 1/8”. After that, I used a blunt chisel to flatten that small piece and force it into the openng. I used a small trianglular file to square off the edges on the protrusion and a small flat file to square it off. I was able to get the actual hole just the right size by using a small round file.

By the way, all those files had been my Dad’s, and I thought a lot about him as I used them.

I am very proud of what I made as you can tell, and it is worth a lot more to me than $10.

Thanks again for your interest,

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