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Default Re: Timing gear oiling?

Originally Posted by derek costello View Post
OK: I'm anal. about this lack of lubrication to the timing gear area of the late flathead blocks. I have taken the timing cover off of other blocks and they all seem dry in there, (compared to the valve valley or crankshaft area) these areas all are wet with oil from the last time the engine was run! So I redrilled the pipe plug in the timing gear chamber.020"
which will give me a few drops of oil without robbing the front cam bearings or crankshaft of my increased loads on my cam shaft have been satisfied!

The valley and crank shaft areas on old engines will be visually wetter this is caused by the windage of oil. Question how is it the lifters do not wear the cam lobes since they have no oil feeding them? Answer windage.
One more time there is no lack of oil to the cam and crank gear. Now what you have accomplished is reduce the oil flow UNDER PRESSURE to the front Main bearing not a smart thing to do. The front main bearing and finally the rod bearings at the very end of the flathead oil delivery design will now see reduced flow. Good luck.
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