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Originally Posted by 40fordpu View Post
Would be really helpful if the group who runs this forum creates a page for names, addresses and numbers to be on a list for us to review when buying stuff. Not a form of accusation or guilt that gives buyers a better chance of success.
I don't think it would be worth the trouble to set up and maintain the list. Without very diligent maintenance the list would be dangerous to use. The solution is to use the search function on the person's name. If they didn't contact you in a way that you have their screen name, ask them for it. Check how many posts they have and their content. A scammer won't spend the time to create a large number of hobby related posts. If they don't have a large number of posts it may indicate they just changed their name, maybe to escape a bad reputation. Are their posts hobby related or are they just selling and buying? If they don't pass the background check, just be careful about the transaction. This may not be "fair" to the new guy, but who ever said life is "fair"? Note that if you search on "Jack Dorn", the subject of the current thread, this thread will come up.

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