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Default Re: In search of Stainless Steel hardware.

Originally Posted by Mike V. Florida View Post
Is she willing to sell the assets to someone that will continue the manufacture of the stock?
Many stainless bolts sold were visual "duplicates" of the larger than usual USS fasteners.

There is of course a hue and cry for "Ford Production Fasteners" which differ from common fasteners from most of the big-box/drawer outlets.

I just received "correct" valve chamber cover bolting from Snyders for which I paid a small extra for - rather than buy the "common" bolts they also sell.

I mean, if you're going to do it - one does it "right?"

(Yea I know - define "right." Some don't/won't re-use original fasteners.)

Methinks we're going to miss Roy Nacewicz.

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