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Default Re: In search of Stainless Steel hardware.

Chris, I have found the issue with bolts weeping is generally caused by a cumulation of minor issues. Most of the time when a file is drawn around the differential housing bolt holes, you will find that threads have been pulled due to overtightening which causes the gasket to not seal. Next is that most gasket surfaces are not flat, which again causes the gasket to not seal. When the housing is trued in a lathe, this is seen, -and thus corrected.

The third issue is that Ford prescribed for a special tolerance fastener in this location. Roy Nacewicz used to manufacture this fastener however in a pinch, when a thread sealant such as Permatex or one of Loctite's sealant is used correctly, the leakage is gone. It is my opinion that the fastener you a suggesting will not prevent lube from weeping/leaking.

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