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I e-mailed a friend that builds his own dragster frames asking about a source for front wheels and he says that in the States used wheels are about as costly as new. I see that your front axle is from an Anglia and I suspected that Tom ran Anglia spindles on his rail too as he is strictly "old school" and wants the late '60's look for his car. He recommends that you look into new spoke wheels from Mark Williams, I do not have a web address but a google search should help there. He further informs me that he buys Chen Shing motorcycle tires and also tubes from J.C. Whitney & Co. (an old US auto parts retailer/mail order house) tires are around $20 each US and the tubes something like $2 each. He also said "Tell him not to worry, I have gone 200 MPH many times on those tires and tubes."
The M/W wheels will have much smaller hubs and will fit right on your spindles.
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