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Default Re: spray paint for wheels

I have used the universal super wet look hardener from Smart shopper in Kentucky 800-541-0399 , this is a great source for the best prices on paint and body supplies. any hardener that works with enamel or acrylic enamel will work with Rustoleum. You need four ounces of hardener per quart of paint. Don't add hardener until the paint is thinned and ready to use. the hardener will cause the paint to first jell, then harden after the hardener is added. The paint gun must be cleaned right after you finish spraying to prevent ruining the paint gun , This holds true with any hardener. I use lacquer thinner for clean up. alkyd/synthetic enamel reducer or mineral spirits work well for thinning Rustoleum. The can instructions for Rustoleum recommends thinning with acetone at 5% but this is for brush application. The paint must be thinner for use with a paint gun and if thinned with acetone or lacquer thinner, the paint will fade rather quickly. Rustoleum seems to hold up well if thinned (reduced) . with enamel reducer and four ounces of hardener per quart of paint . I usually add two parts paint to one part thinner/reducer. Some enamels are thicker and need more reducer.

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