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Default Re: T-Bird valve covers

I just stopped over to get a picture and the part numbers,he caved and let his daughter/son in law put at least one set on ebay.It looks like one set was sold for $300.After I told him what was told to me here he told somebody who wanted a set,they're picking them up this afternoon.There may be more uncovered by now.When he sold all the parts in 1978 he missed this stash of parts in the trailer.He bought a lot of Ford parts in the 60's and 70's from dealers.He has been in the salvage business since 1965.He has storage trailers that have been there for 45 years.There are very few surprises left in those trailers,for the most part we all know what is in them,but these were a surprise.There may be more,they are digging out the inside of the trailer right now.This morning they came across a new shifter assembly for a 57 T-Bird.One good thing is that the trailer had no leaks,so everything is nice and dry with the exception of the upholstery.All the upholstery boxes are full of mice.
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