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Default Re: leaking fuel guage

Once you have the gas drained to the point where it is no longer high enough to leak, you can go at the gas gauge. Just to be safe, I would drain out all the gas, but in reality, you need to at least get it well below the opening for the gauge where it comes through the opening.

Disconnect the battery so you don't get any sparks because the wires are otherwise live.

Remove the chrome dash panel and then you can get to the gauge. It would also help to disconnect all the wires and the speedo cable so that you can set the dash panel aside and not have to work around it. Make sure to take a picture of it with your cell phone or make good notes so you can connect it all back up again when you are done.

Others have talked about the process of removing the gauge and I sent you a PM with a link to a page that has information on that. I have never done a gas gauge, so I can't help you with that.
-Bill G
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