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Default leaking fuel guage

Just woke up after returning from our club’s (Henry’s Lady-Grants Pass, Oregon) first meeting of 2018 and meal at the golf course clubhouse. Wonderful meeting, fabulous meal. I ate too much and passed out as soon as we got home. We are having a beautiful, warm day and here I go and sleep away two hours of the afternoon, But man did I need that rest.

Anyway, back to removing the instrument panel. When I was working on the car’s distributor yesterday, I smelled gas, but it wasn’t coming from the engine compartment. It was coming from around the fuel gauge, and it was leaking like mad. For that thing to start leaking like that means a bad gasket. I asked some of my club’s members about it, and they said for a short time neoprene gaskets were sold. Unleaded gas and neoprene gaskets are a big No No. So, I have to assume that is what’s causing the problem.

I drained out enough gas so it’s no longer leaking, but I thought I’d ask you guys for advice before taking off the instrument panel

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