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Great thread. I am about to change the axles in my car as the right one has stripped threads. They are PROBABLY OK as the threads near the hub are OK but I have a good axle with perfect threads and a perfect keyway so I'm going to use it. The other axle has good threads but the keyway is wallowed out a bit. My plan WAS to have the keyway recut while I have the axles out. Two options, weld up the old one and recut it or just leave the old one and cut a new one on the other side. My concern is with the other thread about the broken axle and that they tend to break right where the keyway starts. Cutting a second keyway may weaken this area more increasing my chance of a broken axle and I don't know what effect welding may have on the axle. After reading tis thread, now I'm thinking perhaps not messing with it, just put in a new key, keep the nut torqued to 100lbs and go. Thoughts?
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