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Default Re: Removing caked on grease and crud

Originally Posted by ursus View Post
That steam can have its downside if used on an intact car that you don't intend to dismantle. I took a car to a place in North Portland years ago. The heat from the steam was so intense that is caused a section of paint to lift off of one fender. The process is very good at cleaning off an accumulation of gunk but it will also remove undercoating and so much of the good grease that you may end up with squeaks, creaks, and other sounds that weren't there before.
Yes. To clarify, my Tudor was set to be completely dismantled for rebuilding right after the steam cleaning, so I wasn’t too concerned. As it happened the steamer knew to keep his work focussed on the chassis gunk. I think the company’s name was Russ’s Auto Laundry, located over near Lloyd Center. If you also lived in Portland, you might remember that place.
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