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Default Re: 39 trans shift tower detent springs

Originally Posted by weemark View Post
thanks terry, I will measure how long the ones I have off ebay are - I just took a rough guess yesterday. I guess i should check the balls are the correct ones too.

heres a pic of two of the springs, the top one is 1.3 inches long and the bottom is .98 inches long. the wire on the long spring is .046 and the wire on the short one is .064. the top one came from ebay and the bottom one was in the box when I bought it. the balls in the shifter are 7/16 so are correct.

When rebuilding my '39 trans, about dozen yrs ago, I came across a guy who sells the 'kit' for improving the double detent trans top performance.
Glad that I installed this kit and it made an audible snapping sound when shifting...positive engagement. Equal length springs an just a little different size balls. Works great, even today.
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