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Default Re: Distributor Removal Tip Re Ignition Cable Clamp

Originally Posted by Bob Bidonde View Post
Hi Brent,
The clamp mod is beneficial as a roadside fix to those who opt to install a spare distributor rather than to replace the points, the condenser or fiddle with a broken wire. Replacing the distributor is a common practice because it is faster and easier. I really think you know this.

There have been several times during a tour that I was able to get a stalled car back on the road by installing my spare distributor and bypass cable. The bypass cable connects direct from the coil to the distributor.

When a car pulls to the side of the road with loss of ignition the fault can be a number of things, the wire going to the ignition switch from the coil, the ignition switch, the pop-out cable. The lower plate in the distributor, the wire connecting the upper plate and the lower plate, the points, the condenser.

It is much simpler to just replace the distributor and bypass the rest of the ignition to get the car running again.

I also witnessed a roadside distributor replacement where when the #8 head bolt nut was removed it dumped water into the pan.

I advocate removing the clamp and installing a standard length stud in the #8 position.

Tom Endy
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