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Thanks Alex. I have had this coupe sitting in my shop for 10 years untouched.
I bought it in California while working there. Also bought a trailer and hauled it all the way to New Orleans. I am a hot rodder at heart and fully intended to build the A into
a rod. That being said I have a 40 Ford coupe that is all hot rod. Also a 32 three window
Ford coupe that is hot rod bound. The A had a knock in the motor and I was not concerned about the originality of the car at all. Now I have had a complete attitude
reconsideration regarding the coupe. I have ordered some new tires and tubes and will
probably have the wheels powdered coated. May be not? they are not rusty, just faded. Either way since i retired I mostly drive just around town and to my shop
which is two miles from home. I have grown to appreciate the A for what it is and

think it will make a fun somewhat daily driver. The only parts missing on the entire car

are the rear shock assemblies. I may just add tubular shocks and be done with that issue. I have a replacement motor and will change the clutch assembly while it is apart. I will pull the drums and check the brake condition and repair or replace as necessary.
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