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Default Re: Distributor Removal Tip Re Ignition Cable Clamp

Originally Posted by Bob Bidonde View Post
Removal of the distributor also necessitates the removal of Head Nut 8 that secures the armored ignition cable clamp. A consequence of loosening / removing Nut 8 is coolant leakage into Cylinders 3 & 4. Make this simple modification to the cable clamp, and the risk of leakage goes away.
> Drain one gallon of coolant;
> Remove Head Nut 8 to release the cable clamp;
> Reinstall the head nut and torque to 55 ft-lbs for a stock head and 65 ft-lbs for a hi-compression head. The stud should protrude out of the nut enough to hold the clamp plus a jam nut;
> Replenish the coolant;

> Remove the clamp from the cable and cut the round end of the clamp as shown. Prime & paint the cut edge so it doesn't rust;
> Buy a 7/16-20 Jam Nut that is much thinner than a stock nut;
> Clamp the ignition cable using the modified clamp and the jam nut. Hence forth, only remove the jam nut to takeout the distributor.

Where would I look for a jam nut like this?

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