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Default Re: Isky 3/4 Max 1 Camshaft

I have a method for measuring the compression out to several decimal places. I posted it here but nobody waz interested. It only works when the engine is on a stand , so you can level it. The process goes like this: accurately measure the size of the combustion chamber. Place a used gasket on the block and install the head tighten it down. Make sure the piston was on the compression stroke and a quarter inch from the top. Now screw the measuring gauge into the spark plug hole. Now for the results. Pore into the new gauge the amount of fluid for the volumn of the chamber. Now move the piston up to TDC. no fliud in the gauge, yet. Now add fluid into the new gauge untill to regesters on the gauge. By rocking the piston you can find TDC and the amount of fluid you had to add to the chamber to get the exact size of the combustion chamber. This usual requires about 15 more cc's.
For gustamating the CR I just add 15 cc's to the chamber volume and use it/ So If you have a 65cc Edelbrock head, then the chamber is aprox 80 CC and the CR is much lower than you thought. When I waz younger I did allot of "Stuff" like this.
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