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Default Re: Isky 3/4 Max 1 Camshaft

Originally Posted by philipswanson View Post
Don't you mean a grain of salt???
No, he meant what he said. The old saying goes as you mention but he means a whole beach full of sand. In other words, charts are meaningless except for bench racing. They give a lot of micro info that is useless in the real world.
The only way to really know is to measure the chamber with a burette tube and some juice WITH THE HEAD ON and if you are going to this extent, you have to have measured the stroke with a dial indicator to get it to .001 TIR.

On a street engine if you are off chamber to chamber by 1/2 cc, you won't feel it in the seat of the pants but on an all out engine it could be the difference between 1st and 2nd place.
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