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Default Re: Isky 3/4 Max 1 Camshaft

The cost of milling the heads here would be less than purchasing from the United States so this is most likely the most logical option! Living in the Snow Mexican republic of Canuckastan means I'm dealing with (if I'm lucky) a $0.74 dollar plus exchange surcharges and this applies to both the item and shipping! Can somebody tell me what the real difference is between the 8CM and perhaps EAB heads? The newest of the flatties had a reported CR of 7.5 compared to my aniemic 6.8 which in reality is probably lower as others have mentioned. The C8CM heads are still on my Mercury and in the future I'm forced to pull them to adjust my valve clearance!! Adjustable $h!t lifters can be adjusted by removing the intake but this will be a TOTAL waste of time due to creeping so I'm forced to remove the lifters, remove the adjuster bolt and compress it in a vice to increase thread resistance and there is not enough room to lift them out unless I remove the heads, remove the valve guide retainer and lift the valves. I will NEVER use these again! Other than a degree wheel and figuring out the duration of the cam, did Ford ever stamp an ID number on their camshafts? I have an EAB core heavily infested with cracks and it was one of those Ford authorized rebuilds so there is no guarantee the camshaft is an original EAB cam.
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