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Default Re: Rear Main Bearing Oil Behavior

When main bearing clearance begins to increase, the ability of the tube in the rear main to drain the oil back into the pan can become overwhelmed. First order of business should be to adjust the bearing clearance .At the same time the oil hole in the valve chamber above the rear main is in most cases too large and drains more oil onto the rear main than is needed. So with the excess clearance the oil ends up being slung into the bell housing. The simple fix is to adjust the clearances in the bearings and at the same time use a 1inch long piece of 1/4 in. tube with a flare on 1 end, and drop it in the oil drain hole over the rear main in the valve chamber. The rear main will still receive adequate oil and the tube will stay in place by gravity. I was told this by a professional engine builder who helped me with my oil leak into the bell housing. We did the above and I have been without leaks ever since. Happy Motoring!
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