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Default Re: Almost done with restoration but shifting problem, and more.

Originally Posted by Modelakid31 View Post
The clutch is adjusted dead on. When stopped in neutral i can hold the gas down for a fast idle or immitating driving and then putlsh in the clutch while still holding te gas and the disc stops in less than 3 or 4 seconds. As far as oil i have closer to 600wt as you can get its way better and closer to original thickness that to crap the dealers sell. The heating problem, i consider too hot when you cant even touch the head or get close to it without feeling the heat.
If the disk stops that quick or even if you can put the transmission in any gear while sitting still and the motor running it is you. There is nothing in the transmission that could be causing it to grind if that is the case. Like you said, some of the old timers you know don't have any trouble shifting it. More practice. Nothing in the transmission could be in backwards and the tranny work through the gears.
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