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Originally Posted by robw View Post
So, I let it sit for nearly 48 hours at above freezing temps. Only a dribble of water ever came out.

I filled it with some warm water. It took approximately 3 gallons. I cranked it and it ran far a few minutes then suddenly quit. Spent the next few hours trouble shooting to figure out why.

Gave up. Tried again this morning... no spark. Broke out my Les Andrews troubleshooting guide and went to work. Gave up again and went to lunch.

After lunch the magic occurred and suddenly it started and ran. I have no idea what I did.

I drained out half the water and replaced it with antifreeze then drove it around the neighborhood for about an hour.

It is running good no visible leaks, so I guess I got lucky.

God looks after dumb animals.

That's great news. Thanks for the update.
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