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Default Re: 8BA Valve length

[QUOTE=Bored&Stroked;1818940]RE: "so not incorrectly done" . . . let me expand on that a bit . . .

Hi B&S, thanks for the reply.
I checked a stock 8BA block I had against mine and as you said the valves are indeed recessed aprox 0.040" on one bank.
So my valve seats have been cut to equal the heights on both banks.

When you say "When somebody tries to "fix it" - they are actually doing exactly the opposite.", would it not be a good idea to do this normally as it would set compression ratios etc closer on each bank?
I suppose it's not normally an issue if you're running adjustable lifters, only a slight problem when you run non adjustable like I am.

I hope my wording doesn't come across like I'm trying to argue, I really do appreciate all input and advise given.

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