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Default Re: 34 Dash - What is the original wood grain pattern?

Hmmmmm - about 40 years ago I had a guy by the name of 'Don Benson' (at least if I can remember) - with a company named something like "Old Time Wood Graining" - he was one of the supposed 'experts' in SoCal. He did my 34 dash - and did what I believed (at least at the time) to be a wonderful job. He actually mimicked 'joints' in the corners around the gauge and glove box areas. I wonder if these 'joints' ever existed in Ford's own work?

I still have the dash (still in pretty good shape) out in my workshop -- I can't even think about redoing it for any of my 34 projects - just wouldn't seem right.

I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow . . . am really interested in whether his take on correct/proper woodgraining for 34 dashes had any merit to it?
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