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Default Re: Which '36 Ford Hood

Same in New Zealand except US Roof is not hood, I think its just the top for convertibles or roof for a turret. NEVER WINGS for fenders, usualy mudguards or just guards. But WINGS?? the Poms (limeys) don't know the diference between a plane and an automobile!

The US usage you mention is heard here though. Perhaps it is because we had a deep affinity with US vehicles in the pre 50's years of mortoring. Post WW2 the government of the day put tarrifs on US sourced cars to force the car assembly plants to build "British"( mother England and all that cockamaney).Possibly this was to support them in their post war export drive. In those old days when the roads were crap ( some still are although not many are metal, ie shingle anymore ), US cars held together better than any vehicle sourced from any other country. Today its not US sourced, British or Europeon makes that ply our roads ( although they are here) its prediminantly JAPPAS!