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Default Re: Vibration - rumble

S'alrite, Talk, we're not deef!

I think that bearing might make that noise, as it fights itself to keep straight. Who knows?

Why not reassemble up the parts but put that bearing on the left and see if the noise transfers? Purely as a temporary thing, while awaiting new/better parts.

It might be possible to re- peen the rivets and tighten it up. I can't help thinking they should look shinier/slippier/cleaner than that, but that may be down to what grease you are using.

What are the axle and hub surfaces like? Is that grey metallic? Is something else failing?

At least you've found something that does not look right.

Re the drum retainer. it probably fouls because it is not designed for that model of drum. It would probably be ok on a 40 type drum for example.

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