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Default Re: Mitchell in a 37..Report

Originally Posted by 37 Cab View Post
Finished the Mitchell O/D and the weather cooperated today so I got to put some miles on it. My car has 4.11 gears with 215/75/15 tires. At roughly 60 MPH it was running 3000 RPM. Now running 3000 RPM a shift to O/D drops the RPM to 2100. We have a lot of 65 MPH 2 lane roads so I was always just trying to stay out of the way. I couldn`t be happier with the results. Cruising along with traffic at 65-70 it is perfect. The speedometer is off so I have to change the driven gear on the Mitchell. (late model ford part) Guessing though, 70 MPH is around 2500 RPM. I will take the wife`s Garmin for a ride tomorrow to check speed vs RPM. Best thing I have done to my car by far!!
Knew you'd love it... Now wait for the onslaught of questions when you park it. "What's that other shifter for?"
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